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The 2011 mini tuo pack includes 6 raw and 6 ripe Pu’er tea and could be considered a starter kit to the world of Pu’er tea culture and tea drinking.
Packaged for convenience, to carry with you on your travels.

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Give this as a special gift or keep for yourself and dazzle your friends with a delicious century- old tradition.

This specially blended boxed set, covered in a white sleeves, features Pu’er tea leaves that have been aged since 2011. This elegant tea can be enjoyed in style with our beautiful walnut decorative boxed sets that features both raw and ripe Pu’er tea.

Each box contains 12 mini tuos (6 raw and 6 ripe Pu’er Teas), which are compressed tea rounds that resemble coins that are wrapped in food grade paper and feature our signature logo in green or red (designating raw or ripe). Each mini tuo can be brewed up to eight times. Each tuo is 3g.(.10 .oz). The raw Pu’er tea is known for its aromatic scent and sweet aftertaste while the ripe Pu’er tea features a mellow and full flavor.

Our Pu’er tea is a proprietary blend of leaves from various regions and different altitudes from the mountains of Yunnan, China.

The Regent comes with a certificate of authenticity and provenance along with general information about Pu’er tea and brewing instructions.

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