Were you taught to never go to someone’s house empty-handed? While Miss Manners says this isn’t a rule per se (she’s more of a thank-you-note-after kind of gal), a hostess gift is still a nice gesture. Especially after you’ve taken over someone’s couch for a week, raided her fridge, and accidentally spilled wine on her formerly pristine sofa.

Now, your first thought may be to go the standard route with your gift. You could buy a houseplant, but she’ll feel guilty when it inevitably dies. Or a scented candle, but her bathroom’s already full of them. Or perhaps a bottle of wine, but really, how unoriginal is that. A better option? One of these unique gift ideas.

Kiss My Face The Outdoor Collection, $49

If you’re lucky enough to have a pal that invites you to stay at her cabin for some a snow-filled weekend, repay the favor with a beauty gift she can use right away. This outdoor collection has an SPF 30 lip balm, SPF 30 sunscreen, an SPF 15 moisturizer, an SPF 50 sports spray, and shower and bath gel to relax sore, tight muscles.

Lush My Fair Lady Gift Set, $59.95

She let you crash on her couch, take over her bathroom with all of your overflowing bag of hair products, and didn’t even flinch when your roller bag scuffed her wood floors. You can begin to thank her with this massive gift set. It comes in a beautiful hatbox and is filled with Lush favorites like Creamed Almond and Coconut Shower Smoothie, Smitten Hand Cream, and Charity Pot. Bonus: You can let her know that $8.50 of the price goes to Lush’s Charity Pot fund, which donates to charities that fight for animal rights and environmental causes.

Drybar Happy Hair Gift Certificate

You probably have an overachiever friend who’s planning a party on top of a million other obligations. Somehow she manages to always pull it off, but it doesn’t leave her much time to primp. Which is a shame because a hostess should look stunning — not stressed — at her own fete. Help her out by giving her a gift certificate before the party for a blowout from a salon like Drybar or any salon in your area that offers the service. This way, even if she leaves everything else to the last minute, her hair will still look fabulous.

Vintage Hand Towels

With letters inspired by an old French alphabet, these Grande Monogram hand towels, embroidered in Tulsa, Oklahoma, have a beautiful personal touch. twogirlsinavignon.com; $75 each