You dug out your turtlenecks from storage and dusted off your favorite ankle boots. Heck, you even steamed a few scarves. You’re totally autumn-ready…but what about your baubles? From thick hoops to serpentine rings, this fall’s crop of jewels is worth the hype. Here, nine exciting ways to upgrade your accessories for the new season.

Thick Hoops

Our delicate earrings are taking a back seat this season to make way for their sturdier counterpart: the thick gold hoop. Hailing back to the late ’80s and early ’90s with the likes of hip-hop royalty (oh, heyyy, Sade), these bigger, more substantial versions feel like the perfect, everyday throwback.

Long Rope Necklaces

First, our earrings stretched to shoulder-skimming proportions with colored tassels and layered tufts. Now, our neckwear is following suit. Get ready for chunky ropes and cords to take this year’s maximalist trend to new lengths.

Statement Rings

Luckily, delicate gold bands are still going strong, but this new crop of finger bling adds some old-school flair. Think: oversize stones and thick metal bands that grab attention all by themselves—or while layered in with your favorite thread-like ones.


All hail the explosion of serpentine motifs (we’re lookin’ at you, Gucci) that have slithered their way into our closets and now our jewelry chest, too. Winding ear cuffs and coiled rings make this reptilian trend as playful as it is gothic, and we’re seriously on boa-rd (OK, OK, we’ll stop).

Hand Chains

Not quite a bracelet and not quite a ring, hand chains—inspired by exotic locales—have made their way into the mainstream. The thin metal loops are worn around both the wrist and a finger, and draw attention to the slender backs of your hands. And we dare you not to feel like Cleopatra while rocking one.

Signet Rings

These round-faced rings were originally used as seals in ancient Egypt, then status symbols in the 19th century with initials or family crests. Now, the monogram is back, and we love the idea of it on a tiny gold pinky ring, but the bands come in all shapes and sizes to suit whatever mood you’re in.

Bright Metals

Don’t get us wrong: We love an understated pair of studs as much as the next gal. But if fashion week gave us any indication of fall trends, it’s that you’ve got to go bold or go home. Case in point: super-reflective sheet metal—whether silver, gold, hammered, mirrored or iridescent—draws all the light toward you for an “I’ve arrived” moment at every angle.