Pumpkin season is here once more and this means it’s time to start having fun. Carving pumpkins is an activity everyone can enjoy, regardless of their age. Kids and adults alike can use their creativity and come up with pumpkin carving designs that will bring cheer and happiness into your life and that of your loved ones. These lovely projects would also make wonderful gifts.

You can learn how to carve a pumpkin gradually. Start with something simple like this pumpkin ice bucket. The project goes like this: first you find a beautiful pumpkin big enough to accommodate a bottle of wine or champagne. Then you get a knife and carve out a portion on one side. Scoop out the insides and put ice in.  Check out how to make it here.

Once you’re confident enough with your pumpkin carving skills, you can try something a bit more complex such as the cute and colorful pumpkins featured on Cfabbridesign. To make them you need white mini pumpkins, food coloring, bowls and a knife.

Paint Your Pumpkins

Pumpkin carving is a timeless Halloween tradition, but if you carve it too early, your jack-o-lantern will be shriveled up well before October 31. Instead, opt to paint your pumpkins, but think outside the box. Cover the whole pumpkin with metallic paint, paint on polka dots or stripes, or cover the pumpkin with glitter! Painting a variety of sizes of pumpkins in a coordinating color scheme, like gold and black, is a great way to create elegant decor.

Embrace Nature’s Bounty

In fall, Mother Nature brings us so many colorful and interesting things that make perfect decorations for inside and outside. The age-old vibrant orange pumpkin is a classic choice, but these days, many pumpkin and squash varieties are available in lots of different colors. From the flatter fairytale pumpkins and chirimen that looks like it’s covered in warts to green acorn squash, blue jarrahdale, and white pumpkins, there are so many beautiful options.

Combine multiple types of pumpkin and squash, and throw in some colorful foliage, and you can create infinite Halloween-scapes. Using natural items in a decor scene is always an easy go-to approach, and one that won’t bog up your storage for the rest of the year.