Here it is, once again–my annual gift-giving list! In my opinion, the point of any tea gift is to heighten one’s enjoyment of tea. These items should do just that!

Ladurée’s Tea Time: The Art of Taking Tea

Ladurée is well known for their gorgeous tea and macarons, but they also have a series of books that make elegant coffee (or should I say tea) table books. If you live in the U.S., this newest title is due out in February of 2018. But if you’re impatient like I am, you can get a copy from overseas where it already came out earlier this year. I’m in love with every page of this book, which covers everything from recipes to brewing techniques and tea pairings.

Lenox’s Mrs. Potts & Chip Tea Set

When Disney came out with a Limited Edition Fine China Mrs. Potts & Chip Tea Set last year I contemplated the purchase way too long before it ended up selling out. I found it on eBay later for a whopping price of $1275. Ya, not gonna happen. I recently found out from one of my favorite Disney Instagrammers that this gorgeous (and cheaper) Lenox set came out. Both the pot and cup are of great quality.

…and Disney’s Beauty & the Beast Enchanted Play Set!

And here’s the child’s play version of Mrs. Potts & Chip, super adorable but unfortunately, not food safe. Mrs. Pott’s hypnotizing eyes can actually blink when tipped over and little Chip can spin in circles. Here you see Mrs. Potts with a bunch of Chamomille. The cut stems of the flowers are rubber-band tied to a pouch of water since the teapot actually drains if you put liquid in it (i.e. not intended for food).

Tea Time Magazine & Books

Every time I pick up a copy of TeaTime Magazine, I can’t manage put it down until I’ve read it cover to cover. I have the pleasure of calling Bruce Richardson of Elmwood Inn Fine Teas, one of the contributing writers to TeaTime Magazine, one my friends, and love each and every piece that he (and the rest of the contributors) come up with. The magazine also publishes books, like Taking Tea, which showcases favorite recipes from notable tea rooms around the world.

Soft Felt Petits Fours

I can’t get over how adorable these little cakes are. This play set is made by a toy company called HABA out of Germany. The cakes come in a box of 9, each placed in a mini cupcake liner like real petits fours. Pair with a kid’s tea set and some wooden tea bags and afternoon tea never looked so enticing!

Simmering Vanilla Chai Potpourri

With the help of some fragrance oils, the same spices found in Chai can be used to freshen up your home! This homemade potpourri can be packaged into cello bags or mason jars for easy gift giving. Throw the mix into simmering water and a scent of the holidays will fill your home!

Pu-erh Pick & Tray

This is a great gift for the adventurous tea drinker who’s looking to expand their horizons. Chinese fermented black tea commonly comes in cake or brick form, which requires a pick for breaking the packed tea apart. A special tray for this tea has a little open corner to allow for the tea to be easily transferred to your teapot.

Slow Brew Iced Tea Maker

With winter around the corner, iced tea is probably the last thing on your mind. But with an iced tea maker as beautiful and useful as this, it shouldn’t be! This contraption is a wonderful way to brew your highest quality teas, like Gyokuro or Sencha (I brewed some of Yamamotoyama‘s deep-steamed Fukamushi Sencha here). This gentle brewing method will help to bring out subtle nuances of flavor, and also results in a low-caffeine brew.