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Tea Cake — For Goodness Cake

Traditionally tea cakes come in a stack of seven which is how the name Seven Sons Tea Cake came about. Seven is considered a lucky number in the Chinese culture as it symbolises abundance.

Each tea cake comprises of compressed tea, shaped into a round slab and commonly weighs 357 grams. The cakes can be divided into two categories; round tea cakes, which have hollow backs, and iron tea cakes, which are compressed even more and are as hard as iron, with nail-shaped pins at the back.

Tuo — It take Tuo

This tea looks like a pile and in the Yunnan dialect, a pile is described as a Tuo, which is how the tea gets its name. It is sized as a small dome shape which is reminiscent of a hummingbird’s nest.

Created in 1902, this dome-shaped tea features a deep hollow well and typically weighs 100 grams. The raw materials, from 20 to 30 regions in Yunnan, go into this small but potent dome, blending materials from different seasons, tea mountains, styles, textures, grades and years. This combination creates a complexity of taste that is unique to each Tuo.

Minu Tuo — Big Possibili - Teas

Tea is so important in Chinese culture that many bring tea with them when they travel. Once tea-ficionados have found their perfect blend, they will pack some of their preferred teas to continue drinking their own tea no matter where they are.

Our mini tuos come in a smaller form for convenience, but don’t lack in flavour or health benefits. The 3 gram tuo packs the same punch as their bigger brother, the full sized tuo, and its smaller size is the perfect way to introduce a neophyte to the delights of tuo.

Loose Tea & Tea Sachets

For centuries, Pu’er tea was compressed to save space for ease of transportation.The tradition carries on until today. In line with our mission to redesign the perception of Pu’er tea, TEASPEC has launched its special blend Pu’er loose tea and tea sachets for the convenience of tea lovers with busy lifestyles.

Raw Dazzle

Raw Pu’er

Grown in Yunnan with more than 3,000 years of history, the tea is rich in antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Regular consumption aids weight loss, lowers cholesterol and reduces blood sugar levels. Pu’er is prized tea that becomes more nuanced and refined as it ages.

Ripe Marvel

Ripe Pu’er

Ripe Pu’er is a fermented black tea. Due to popular demand of Pu’er tea, the technique of fermentation was developed in the 1970s to accelerate the natural fermentation process. Pu’er has abundant health benefits including lowering of cholesterol, aiding digestion and regulating blood sugar levels.

Jade Allure

Green Tea

Green Tea originated in China 4,000 years ago.
A delightfully invigorating drink packed with antioxidants, this unfermented tea is equally powerful as a health tonic for anti-aging and aiding of weight loss.

Jasmine Envy

Jasmine Green Tea

Jasmine tea is a captivating brew of green tea scented with jasmine flowers. It was first consumed in the 12th century during the South-Song Dynasty. Apart from its alluring fragrance, jasmine tea aids the digestive process and reduces inflammation.