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TEASPEC Sloane Arbor Charm

USD $580.00

This set features a 357g (12.5 oz) Arbor Charm tea cake that comes in a decorative walnut box. An elegant walnut tray and tea needle kit is included to allow for easy and graceful breaking of the tea cake.

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This prized Arbor Charm tea cake is for true Pu’er enthusiasts. Give this as a special gift or keep for yourself and dazzle your friends with a delicious centuries-old tradition.

Our elegant Arbor Charm tea cake is made from the spring leaves of Arbor trees that originate from highlands 1500m – 2500m (4,921-8,202 ft) above sea level. It features very fine, young, tea buds and shoots from the mountains of Yunnan, China. The leaves have been aged since 2005 and was compressed into cakes in 2014.  

The raw Pu’er tea has a complex aroma that is reminiscent of spring flowers. Its broth is deep amber in color and aficionados can expect a tinch of peach, apricot, and lavender flavor followed by a tangy and slightly sweet aftertaste.

The Sloane Arbor Charm Tea Cake Set includes a certificate of authenticity and provenance, general information about Pu’er tea and brewing instructions.

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Weight1.912 kg
Dimensions33 × 29.5 × 6 cm


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