Pu’er Tea and food pairings can be a fun and delicious experiment. There are many items that can go well with tea, but my personal favorite is definitely chocolate. I can’t think of many things that are better than drinking a warm cup of TEASPEC’s Pu’er tea while nibbling on extraordinary chocolate. You can find teas blended with chocolate, or chocolates infused with tea, but the art of tea and chocolate pairing can be simplified. Just by taking a sip of your favorite tea with a bite of your favorite chocolate, you can see how well (or not so well) the flavor profiles go together. With a little experimenting, you’re bound to find some pairings that agree with your taste buds!

Essentially, you would pair tea and chocolate similar to pairing the beverage with cheese or other food, whether sweet or savory. Curious to learn more and give this delightful pairing idea a try yourself? Here’s a quick how-to with tips and even an example of a tea and chocolate pairing I did recently.

How to Pair Pu’er Tea with Chocolate?

Begin by drinking a sip of your tea, letting it spread entirely across the tongue before swallowing. This simple step is important because it will warm your tongue and prepare your taste buds for the melting chocolate that is to come their way.

Then, take a bite of your chocolate and see how it accompanies the flavors that are now on your tongue.

You can keep repeating these two steps, or you can then take another bite of your chocolate, and before swallowing, take another sip of your tea and let both the chocolate and tea flavors coat your tongue.

However, as this tasting guide suggests, if you’re using chocolate with high percentage of cocoa, you would eat the chocolate before sipping the tea. That way the rich cocoa will be softened by the warm tea and ensure that all flavors and tones are heightened.

Pu’er Tea and Chocolate Pairing Tips

– Use any chocolate you like, but the most successful pairings are from chocolates that offer you pure and true cacao tastes. Therefore, something with minimal and high-quality ingredients can produce more wonderful pairings. The same can be said for high quality, special blend TEASPEC Pu’er tea, too.

– Don’t be afraid to experiment pairing raw and ripe Pu’er with chocolate. The pairing might change your mind about one or the other as when paired you are creating new flavors.

– The focus is on complementing, contrasting or enhancing flavors:

To complement: Look for a tea and chocolate that may not have the same characteristics, but are still compatible. For example, Raw Dazzle (raw Pu’er)  with a citrus infused chocolate.

To contrast: Look for a tea and chocolate that may have completely different characteristics, allowing the flavors to accentuate the differences. For example, Ripe Marvel (ripe Pu’er) with a plain, creamy milk chocolate.

To enhance: Look for a tea and chocolate that may share similar characteristics. For example, try pairing Opus raw Pu’er tea sachet with fruity notes and a chocolate with fruit ingredients or qualities.

– A successful pairing will allow you to be able to taste the tea and the chocolate at the same time and not have flavors from either be washed away.

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